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Clean Code - Best Practices

March 20 2023

I'm not sure if I know any programmer, engineer, architect, or even HR who doesn't know who Uncle Bob is and what the Clean Code book is. If by some miracle you are one of them, it's a concept that refers to writing code that is easy to read and maintain.

SAGA Implementation in C#

March 13 2023

The SAGA pattern is used to manage transactions across multiple services in a distributed system. It ensures that all services involved in a transaction are coordinated and that the transaction can be rolled back if any of the services fail.

GitHub Webhook with C#

March 06 2023

A Webhook is a mechanism that allows a web application to send real-time notifications or data to another web application. It is essentially a way for two different applications to communicate with each other in 'real time' rather than relying on periodic polling or manual data transfer.
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