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Design Patterns


Go-to resource for understanding the core concepts of design patterns without the overwhelming complexity. In this concise and affordable ebook, I've distilled the essence of design patterns into an easy-to-digest format. It is a Beginner level.

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In Their Own Words

Why this Ebook

Short and Focused

No more wading through hundreds of pages of theory. I've trimmed the fat to deliver only what you need in a brief 30-page guide.

Real-World Examples

Learn each design pattern through real-world examples, making it easier to apply them to your own projects.


Get access to valuable knowledge without breaking the bank. Affordable pricing for every developer.

Code Access

Access code samples and practical implementations to reinforce your understanding.

What You'll Get

10 Practical Design Patterns

I've carefully curated the design patterns that I've personally worked with in real-world projects, selecting those that have proven to be genuinely practical and valuable. The list contains:
1. Adapter
2. Bridge
3. Builder
4. Command
5. Composite
6. Decorator
7. Factory Method
8. Observer
9. Singleton
10. Strategy
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Real-World Examples

• Explore real-world design pattern examples.
• Gain practical insights and hands-on experience.
• Apply patterns effectively in your projects.
• Solve real-world challenges.
• Enhance coding skills for robust applications.

Free GitHub Repository

In addition to the code found in the book itself, as accompanying material comes a free GitHub repository with implementations of all 10 patterns in the C# programming language.
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Who am I?

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Hi friend, I'm Stefan

I am a senior software engineer with years of industry experience. I help a large number of developers to become better in their daily work through the content I share on social networks, blog and newsletter.

"Keep it simple and focus on what matters. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed." - Confucius

My goal is to convey knowledge to people in such a way - simple.


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